by Sarah Hunt

Our toes are tapping with excitement this week as the deadline arrives for the Women Deliver bloggers competition.

A huge part of our Hidden Documentary interviews involve inspiring the online community to see the ‘big picture’ through personal stories. We have worked with many inspiring women and told their stories across the past year. These  women inspire us through their art, political activism, filmmaking, fashion design, outdoor adventures and fashion design.

These are women who have agitated for development and change by making sure their stories get heard.

Not all women have these same opportunities. Every year, approximately 350,000 girls and women die from pregnancy-related causes. Almost all of these deaths (99%) occur in the developing world and every generation 10 million women are lost.

So now is the time for action! Hidden Documentary is putting all its energy into the Women Deliver competition, so that we can go to Africa and work with the women of Kakamega, Kenya to tell their stories. In Kakamega, thousands of women will gain access to clean drinking water through Women Deliver’s bold public health campaign.

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