Young Hunting Studios, North Fitzroy, Sunset

By Sarah Hunt

Art director by day, jewellery designer by night, Candice Agius began her label Young Hunting as a way to relax after work.

She released her first collection, Fata Morgana, in June 2010 to unexpected success. “I just produced my look book online and stores have been approaching me,” she says.

Ever since then, Young Hunting has been springing up all over Melbourne and can now be found at Trimapee, LifewithBirdChiodo and online stockist For Tomorrow.

Young Hunting’s designs are inspired by Candice’s love of fables.

“The name Young Hunting comes from a murder ballad, which is an old, dark fairy tale,” she says. “And the Fata Morgana range draws on the myth of the sirens that dragged sailors to their death by creating illusions.”

Candice is committed to the quality of her collections and so only works with precious metals.

“The jewellery mimics rock formations, so to do that I use a lot of jet crystal. Also, I offset the polished silvers with oxidised black metal which gives everything a really heavy look,” she says.

There’s no need to worry you might run into someone else with one of these striking feature pieces, as Candice doesn’t intend Young Hunting to be mass produced.

“Most of my pieces are one of 50 and my next collection will be one-off pieces carved out of crystal,” she explains.

Young Hunting’s next range is due out around Fashion Week in March and will exhibit together with Henson jewellery.

Post first appeared in Broadsheet. You can see Candice’s full collection at her Young Hunting site.