Last year when I was in LA for the American Music Awards, I met filmmaker Ryan Sweeney who was working on the red carpet for the show.

When you watch live television, it can seem glitsy and slick. The reality, however, is there is a lot of waiting around while interviews are organised, talent is placed and general pre- show panic goes on.

It was in one of those down time moments, that Ryan and I heard Janet Jackson was rehearsing on the main Nokia Theater stage. Naturally, we bolted up the stairs to the top mezzanine level for a view.

As we stood there watching Janet give stage directions in sweat pants, our conversation (rather tangentially) turned to the upcoming climate change summit in Copenhagen. To my amazement, Ryan told me he was going to be flying to Copenhagen in a matter of weeks to make his own documentary about the summit. Talk about taking Hidden Documentary to a new level!

Nine months on and Ryan has completed his film, Navigating Copenhagen. The film offers a unique insight into the atmosphere at the summit (no pun intended) and shows that despite the negative press coverage after Copenhagen, there were thousands of ordinary people from across the world who came together in the hope for a greener future.

Ryan Sweeney

Navigating Copenhagen, Version 7/26/10 from Ryan Sweeney on Vimeo.