Melbourne Greens’ Headquarters, Brunswick Street, 6pm

Tonight is the last night before the 2010 Australian federal election. Blogs, tv and radio are aflutter with speculation about the outcome, as the Labor and Liberal parties draw closer and closer together in the pre-poll ratings.

In the City of Melbourne, however, there is a unique race going on.  For the first time in Australian parliament history, there is a chance that a Greens party candidate could win a lower house seat over the Labor party. That Greens party candidate is one Adam Bandt.

So this evening, full of curiosity, I went to have a sticky beak at Adam’s final hours of campaigning at his headquarters in Fitzroy.

Down to the wire

The dying rays of sunlight hit a gloomy looking Brunswick Street….

…but it’s all action at the Greens’ headquarters.

Signage needs to be organised for all the polling stations in the Melbourne area,

while Adam works out details for some media interviews.

Campaign manager Rohan Leppert admits he hasn’t slept in over three days.

Volunteer Jake Wishart gives his green iphone a work out as he organises extra how-to-vote volunteers.

He is committed to being Green in every way he can.

Volunteers’ coordinator Lucie Burns-Warr checks the how-to-vote volunteers are ready and excited for the big day.

More than anything else, every good campaign needs supplies.  Food supplies that is.

A Labor pamphlet (top) has shown up all over the seat of Melbourne on the last day of the campaign.

Volunteer liaison coordinator Kajute O’Riordan discusses tactics.

Volunteer Simon Ross is a poster taping master.

For your merchandising needs, ‘Inner-city latte-sipping Greens voters’ eco-friendly re-usable latte mug.

Pedal power.

Out for some last minute campaigning.

Adam makes some calls before going out to a final Stateline interview with Labor rival Cath Bowtell…

Stay tuned.