Thanks for stopping by Hidden Documentary. My name is Sarah  and I am a journalist and daydreamer based in Melbourne, Australia.

The Hidden Documentary project first begun when I was six years old  and I took to stalking a family of snails living in my grandmother’s backyard. I was intrigued by their slimy home amongst the fronds, their silvery footsteps, and their perilous journeys across my grandmother’s driveway and back. I would watch them for hours,  recording their ever movement in my six-year-old detective journal.

Children’s author Jostein Gaarder once said the only thing we need to be good philosophers is the faculty of wonder. Since those afternoons in my grandmother’s backyard, I have always searched for life’s hidden meanings; the things we often don’t see, or acknowledge, but in the end are vital to making sense of our world.

The Hidden Documentary project follows this journey by telling the stories of Melburnians, both ‘known’ and ‘unknown’, through a snapshot view of their lives. It is my belief that we all have hidden stories to tell, and most importantly, we are far more connected than we realise.